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What We Buy


    Airplanes Appliances Automobiles Air conditioning compressors Bicycles
    Buses Cable and wire Cast iron Chain link fencing Drums, barrels and other containers
    Gas cylinders and tanks Heavy meltal steel Industrial Metals Metal banding Metal roofing
    Motor blocks Propane tanks Rebar Sheet metal Steel
    Shock absorbers Tin Trucks    

     Yellow brass (Honey) Aluminum Coils Copper, including #1, #2 and bare bright Electric motors
    Electrical parts Electrical wiring Cast iron Insulated wire Irony aluminum, including lawn furniture
    Lead-acid batteries Plumbing parts Radiators Red brass (Ebony) Shredded scrap (Zorba)
    Stainless steel Wheel weights (Ropes)    


Every day, the general public and small haul recyclers play a much needed role in recovering and transporting scrap metal to our various recycling facilities. We look forward to your visit and we will work hard to provide you with the best in customer service.

Starting with our well organized, safe yards, and convenient business hours, we aim to provide you with a welcoming and efficient experience. Our weight scales are certified and routinely calibrated, ensuring your load is always accurately weighed and graded fairly so you get the most for your metal. Our general public purchase prices are always competitive.

DCC Metal Recycling’s 6 conveniently located facilities are designed for easy access and convenient unloading. We offer fair, same day payments for every pound of acceptable metal, including steel, iron, aluminum, brass, copper, lead, stainless steel, tin and more. DCC Metal Recycling’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff members work with you to maximize the value of your scrap and provide customer service to keep you coming back.

DCC Metal Recycling is a proud participant in many of the communities where we operate and has a long-standing, proven commitment to safety and environmental protection.


DCC Metal Recycling brings more than 77 years of experience, expertise, and commitment to our metals recycling business. Our facilities are conveniently located for large regional scrap dealers in South Carolina to bring their product to.

Our team will work with the customer to facilitate scrap collection, transportation to a DCC Metal Recycling facility, and competitive volume pricing. Payment for scrap will be done on a convenient and prompt basis.

Our knowledgeable staff will work with the customer to maximize the value of the scrap. Efficiency, safety, and competitiveness position the company to grow long term relationships with its customers. There is nothing more important to DCC Metal Recycling than customer satisfaction.


DCC Metal Recycling will work very closely with you to get the best value for your recycled metals from construction, demolition and dismantling projects. We offer highly competitive pricing and superior service because we have a large network of recycling facilities across South Carolina and a global customer base.

We bring more than 77 years of experience to your job site with the objective of maximizing the value of your scrap, offsetting disposal costs and minimizing environmental impact.
Our dedicated project group begins with client consultation to determine the appropriate level of participation in your project. From estimating the value and quantity of metal that can be salvaged from a job site to participating in the planning and execution for design, engineering, and transportation, DCC Metal Recycling can help ensure the success of your project.

With our connections to railways, port terminals and our trucks and containers,
DCC Metal Recycling can efficiently collect and transport materials.  In addition, environmental concerns are part of our expertise, from your job site to our facilities; we manage to the highest standards of environmental compliance.

DCC Metal Recycling state-of-the-art processing facilities maximize the recovery of material to maximize its value. Our technology extends from our entryway scales that accurately weigh incoming scrap, to our system’s tracking which accounts for all materials processed and our security systems which enhance productivity and provide transaction transparency.

Our expertise extends to the recovery of ferrous and nonferrous metals from a variety of demolition and new build projects.


When you choose to partner with DCC Metal Recycling, we provide a dedicated team of professionals to develop a program specific to your needs. Our response team provides experienced assessment of your scrap metal generation, logistics, transportation, onsite equipment and administrative requirements to design a program that will fulfill your business needs and generate project accountability.

Environmental stewardship is embedded in each of our programs as we adhere to stringent environmental standards that meet or exceed regulatory requirements. From design to operation, we take responsibility for efficient, safe and clean metal processing and project management.

Our industrial scrap suppliers include a wide variety of manufacturers. Many manufacturers generate ferrous and nonferrous scrap from operations, preventative maintenance, and equipment abandonment. From long-term scrap management to immediate support, DCC Metal Recycling is ready and able to help.


Searching for a place to take your unwanted automobile? Call the DCC Metal Recylcing location nearest you or use our Request a Quote form to contact us-- we'll pay top dollar for your junk car!

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