DCC Metal Recycling offers used car and  truck  parts at 3 different South Carolina locations; Conway, Ladson, and Sellers. The company maintains an inventory of approximately 2000 cars. That inventory is turned over about every 3 months. Customers  may visit or call a location to inquire about a particular part. If the part is not available from a car at one of our locations, a customer service representative will work with the customer to find the desired part. Most parts can be received within 48 hours of ordering.  Parts can range from engines and transmissions to axles, fenders, starters, alternators, door handles, grills, etc. Each location also has an inventory of batteries and tires for sale. DCC Metal Recycling can supply any customer with any part needed.

Used Car Parts Inventory

We offer some of the best prices on used auto parts in South Carolina. Be sure to check out our online used car parts vehicle inventory to see if we have a vehicle that matches what you are looking for. Be sure to check out our Policies and bring your own tools.

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Why Pick-A-Parts

Parts are one of the two major components of an auto repair bill, the other being labor. Therefore, if you can find parts for less than your mechanic or auto parts store charges, you will be able to significantly reduce the cost of fixing your vehicle. Whether you plan on doing the job yourself or taking your vehicle to a mechanic, hunting around a nearby salvage  yard for cheap used car parts might save you a lot of money.


Searching for a place to take your unwanted automobile? Call the DCC Metal Recylcing location nearest you or use our Request a Quote form to contact us-- we'll pay top dollar for your junk car!

Salvage  Yards have the Cheapest Used Car Parts

Simply put, salvage  yards are able to offer the lowest prices on used car parts to consumers  in South Carolina. Because their business model is different than a repair shop or auto parts store, they can substantially undercut the prices you will find at either of those places.

Virtually every mechanic marks up the price of parts they order, because you do not have an alternative place to purchase necessary parts from. When your car is in their garage, you will have to order parts through them. The ones that will install parts bought elsewhere typically charge higher labor rates for the repair, so you end up paying just as much in the end.

Also, price savings can be huge due to how pricing is structured at most salvage yards. They typically have their generic part prices listed on their site and will charge the same amount for a part no matter the make. So if you have an expensive make/model this might be your best bet.

For the do-it-yourself type, auto parts stores generally have better prices than repair shops. Auto parts stores generally only sell new and refurbished parts, though, which cost more than used parts. Also, these stores’ overhead is much higher than a salvage yard. A salvage yard does not need to pay for the advertising that national auto parts stores put out, a large building with all the associated utilities or  the wholesale cost of new and refurbished parts.

First Visit?

Visiting a Salvage Yard

Instead, at a salvage  yard you will find a small, but knowledgeable, staff, a small  building, where the staff takes shelter during inclement weather, and lots of cars to pull parts from. Because there are so few operating expenses, salvage yards have the cheapest used car parts available.

You will not find shiny lights and limited-time deals here. We simply offer the best value on auto parts, everyday. So, come on a pleasant day and pick out the parts you need. You will not find a better price anywhere else, and we can help make that repair much more affordable

What to Bring to Pull Your Own Parts

You will need to bring your own tools, such as but not limited to pry bar (short and/or long), standard and metric ratchet set, hammer, pliers, hacksaw, tin snips, screwdriver set, combination wrenches, Allen wrenches, safety glasses, gloves, socket set, coveralls for working on the ground, etc.

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