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Located in the heart of Williamsburg, South Carolina, Hemingway was established in 1911 by Dr. W.C. Hemingway. The small town of Hemingway is located near the Pee Dee River and is one of the many historical sites where General Francis Marion camped during the Revolutionary War. 

Hemingway is also the home to DCC Metal Recycling Headquarters, which was founded in 1943 by Dewey Brewer. Since 1943, DCC Metal Recycling has been passed down three generations and is currently owned and managed by Donald R. Brewer, Jr. The HQ is one of six locations throughout South Carolina that provides the ability for corporations, businesses, or individuals to sell and purchase ferrous or non-ferrous metals. 

DCC Metal Recycling prides itself on a rich history of quality steel and aluminum production, as well as  being considered a "green" recycling company.In 1994, DCC expanded outside of the exclusive used cars and recycled metals industry, by installing a metal shredder, which eventually led to the creation of the industrial site being built in Holly Hill, South Carolina. 

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P.O. Box 189
303 West Broad Street
Hemingway, SC 29554
Office - 843-558-2212 

  • Purchases ferrous and nonferrous metals

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